Homemade Soup of the Evening *(SpecialMenu)

served with a freshly baked roll or brown bread


Golden Fried Breaded Mushrooms *(Special Menu)

served with mixed leaf salad & roast garlic dip


Crispy Caesar Salad *(Special Menu)

baby gem panecetta, shaved parmesan & garlic croutons


Grove Chicken Wings *(Special Menu)

Choose from spicy or bbq, served with mixed leaves and dip


Chicken Satay Skewers *(Special Menu)

served with mixed leaves & pineapple salsa


Homemade Garlic Bread *(Special Menu)


Prawnsin Filo Pastry *(Special Menu)

Served with sweet chilli dip


Deep Fried Brie *(Special Menu)

Served with side salad and dip